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Donation Isolation gowns (PPE) to Myanmar and Maesod Hospital (COVID19)

In the past two weeks that news has shown that the new wave of COVID 19 is getting closer and closer to Thailand from Bangladesh to Myanmar and now reaching the border of Thailand at Maesod, Tak province. We, BAGS AND GLOVES CO., LTD., are continuously following the news and already sent our PPE products to help 5 hospitals in Mae Sod name as follows:

Tha Song Yang Hospital, Mae Sod Hospital, Maeramad Hospital, Pob Phra Hospital and Aum Phang Hospital

Our help not only end just within Thailand, we also sending help to several hospitals in Myanmar with the help of Thailand Embassy in Myanmar.

The following are the list of product we have sent to those hospitals:

PPE 15,000 pcs, shoe’s cover 30,000 pcs, leg’s cover 30,000 pcs and arm’s cover 30,000 pcs with the value of 828,000 baht in total.

With the hope that our product can help protecting the medical staff from COVID19, if anyone interested to bring our products to donate to others hospital, please feel free to contact us. We are willing to support you with special pricing for your donation.


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